Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bye Gentoo... Welcome Ubuntu

Hi all!

After long time using Gentoo distribution (since June 2004) , I decided to try another distribution. I think one of the reasons I'm leaving Gentoo may be because I'm getting older and I'm not getting fun anymore of tweaking it. ;) Just kidding. Gentoo was and still is my best Gnu/Linux experience I had until now. I love the freedom you have to choose what you want and not want compiled and all the tweaks you can do. I learned very much about Gnu/Linux with it. Because of my aging, I think I'm getting lazier too :) Now I want my system to have everything automagically configured to me. I want to concentrate on other things besides the OS and desktop itself.

So, after some time trying to find another distribution, I decided to try Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) Wow!! It is working perfectly! Just the way I wanted and it is super fast! Awesome! I have to admit I was a little skeptical about overall performance ( I think this is normal as I was coming from Gentoo) and also because my experience with Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04 were horrible ( the whole thing was very very slow! ) Now the history seems to be different, way different. Ubuntu Gutsy is very fast and I liked it.

Just to note, I also installed OpenSuse some time ago, which seems to be a very nice distribution too. I like the 1-click install idea. But I had a bad experience with it when trying to mount my external hd's. Some time later, after I had removed it from my laptop I found out the problem wasn't with OpenSuse, but a kernel bug. When OpenSuse 11 comes out I shall try it again.

Last week I updated to Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) Alpha from update-manager -d command line. Upgrade was smooth and the system was very nice, until I find some problems which luckly I could find some easy solutions which are bookmarked on my

The main problem was with old intel 855GM video card. Thanks forums and bug report I could find a tweak (hmmm, I didn't want that, but I had no choice) on xorg.conf which made the trick. Ubuntu developers say that this tweak comes default in new alphas of Hardy.

That's it! As soon as I get more information about how is going my experience with Ubuntu I will let you know.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Npgsql at PGCON2008! Here we go!

Hi, all!

It's a great pleasure to say that "Introducing Npgsql" will be presented at PGCON2008 by me, Josh Cooley and Hiroshi Saito!

To me is a great pleasure to be able to meet such great guys! It will be very nice to meet Dave Page too! He helped me very much since beginning of the project. Also, I will have the opportunity to meet other great people from Postgresql community!

I'm very excited! I already have my passport and now I'm waiting to get my visa to enter in Canada!

This is my first international trip and I think I'm starting very well! I hope to be able to attend international open source meetings more often.

This is my first time in Canada and I'm planning to stay from May 12 through May 30. If you have any tips about accommodation, places to eat, sleep and go in Canada (day and night :) ), please, let me know!

Thanks everybody and thanks God for this opportunity.

See you in Canada at PGCON2008!!