Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Npgsql 2.0.7 released!

Hi all,

Npgsql 2.0.7 is out. This is a minor bug fix release.

The most notorious bug fix is one made by Josh Cooley about possible freezes and strange exceptions when canceling a query. So, if you were having any problem like this, please give it a try.

Download it from:

This is the release notes of this release:

Bugs fixed:

[#1010527] Fix query timeout connection corruption.

[#1010700] Capture parameter names with NpgsqlCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters. Thanks Brian Schloz (bschloz @nospam@ for patch. Also added nunit testcase.

[#1010668] Npgsql ConnectionStringBuilder provides no connectionstring properties. Now Npgsql correctly reports default connectionstring properties. Thanks Alaric Dailey for heads up and patch!

Fixed bug when trying to retrieve a date value with -infinity value. See more here: Thanks Andrus Moor for bug report and test case and Laurenz Albe for reporting the commit where the infinity date value was added.

[#1010679] NpgsqlCommand.GetClearCommandText speed optimization. Thanks Dmitri Maximov (dmitri.maximov @nospam@ for patch.

Thanks all for your help and feedback with this release!