Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Npgsql 2.0.14 released!

Update (2013-12-22): was released with a fix for entity framework boolean value handling. See this issue and this commit for more info about this fix.
Package zip files are already available from pgfoundry and github.

* * *

After a lot of time since last stable release, Npgsql 2.0.14 is out! This is a small bugfix release with fix for hangs which could happen when connecting to Postgresql 9.3. 

This bug appeared when Postgresql sent an error message. Npgsql had a problem handling some error code fields and then hang while processing it. Whooops! :) 
Thanks to Glen Parker, it is fixed on github.  If you are having hang problems while using Npgsql after upgrade the server to 9.3 version, this version is for you.


Those who are paying attention to the version number may have noticed that the version number is 2.0.14 and not 2.0.13 as it should be. After all, we already had a 2.0.13-beta1 released

The fact is that after 2.0.13-beta1, we had a lot of changes. From performance tweaks to better Entity Framework support and many other changes that we decided to skip 2.0.13 and call it Npgsql 2.1! Yes, you read it right. After so many years in the 2.0.x versions, we will ship our first 2.1 version. I'll post more info about it in a future post. I hope this version number change doesn't give too much confusion.

You can grab Npgsql 2.0.14 from nuget repository. You can install it directly from Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio through Nuget Package Manager.

We are also packing zip distributions to put on our downloads section. We are having some problems with our downloads host but as soon as we get them available I'll update this post. They are already available at pgfoundry and github.

As always, send your comments and feedback about this release. They are very welcome and will help us to get more goodies in your hands on next releases.