Friday, September 12, 2008

Npgsql2 RC2 Released!!

Hi all!

It's a great pleasure to say that Npgsql2 RC2 is released.

From release notes:

This version contains some fixes and updates for latest entity framework release.
We are already in feature freeze and not so many things were added this time.

Highlights include:

Npgsql2 rc2 now supports .NET 3.5 sp1 with Entity Framework support. We support model generation by the command line edmgen.exe tool. This requires the Npgsql be registered in the provider section of machine.config.

A lot of fixes were done on connection pool handling. Also, when running under Mono, Npgsql wasn't using connection pool. Now it is.

We added some code to better handle threadabort when executing queries with Npgsql. It isn't perfect but is much better than with previous versions.

Thank you everybody who helped with bug reports, comments and patches!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Committed fix to make Npgsql use Pool when running under Mono

Yes, you read it right, Npgsql wasn't using connection pool when running under Mono!!

The problem seemed to be that Npgsql was using one key to get a connection to pool and another one to return it back.
The issue is that although it is wrong, those two values were supposed to be the same.
You can see here and here bug reports about it.

Well, the fix is already on cvs, so if you were using Npgsql on Mono, you should definitely give it a try so you can see if your code works ok.

Sorry for this problem.

Later I will bring a full analysis of what can be the problem.