Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Npgsql2 RC1 Released!

Hi, all!

It's a great pleasure to say Npgsql Development Team made a new release of Npgsql2. We are closer to the final release!

On the highlights, thanks to Josh Cooley, we have support for newer version of EntityFramework 3.5sp1beta.

Another highlight is that we fixed the cast problem some people had when using Npgsql2 beta4. Now, Npgsql will only use casts if the user explicitly specify a DbType or NpgsqlDbType value.

Also, thanks Andreas Schönebeck, who provided us with testcases and feedback, we have a much better threadabortexception handling. Those exceptions were making Npgsql be instable and sometimes unusable.

Please, if you had any problem, give RC1 a try and help us to improve Npgsql for final release.

Other changes can be seen in our changelog.

Donwload Npgsql2RC1 from our usual place

Thank you to all who helped us with this release with feedback, bug fixes, bug reports and comments.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Simplesmente absurdo!

Sr. Senador Azeredo... 

"Isso é uma... vergonha!"

Já votei na petição para acabar com essa falta de vergonha. Querer criminalizar fansubber??

Fala sério!!



Yesterday Daniel Nauck showed me Ohloh site. 

There was even Npgsql project registered there! I never heard about this site until yesterday. And it is very nice! Thank you, Ricardo Stuven for creating the project. At least this is the person who appears as the project creator on the history page.

From the project page you can see a timeline of commits, code analysis, miniblogs like twitter about development and many other things. Cool!

Thank you very much for the tip, Daniel. I think this site will be a great addition to provide more information about the project to our users and other developers.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Finally post my PGCon2008 pictures!!

Hi all,

I finally post my pictures from PGCon2008.

You can see them on my picasa web album.

Cleaning up the patches list

Wow! I think our patch list is too big and I need to do something about it! :)

Sorry all who sent your patches and didn't have them applied yet. I'm starting to run through the list and reviewing/discussing/applying them.

If you have any patch you think needs urgent attention, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.