Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life after PGCon2008...

PGCon 2008 was awesome!!! I could meet a lot of people from postgresql community and take a lot of pictures!! I even got a picture with Tom Lane! Thank you very much, Selena! :)

I finally could meet Dave Page in person. Dave has helped Npgsql project in the beginning, 2002 and we never have met before!

I also could meet Magnus Hagander in person. He is a very nice person. I saw some of his talks and was very good!

I also could meet Hiroshi Saito and Josh Cooley. Hiroshi Saito is a big evangelist of Npgsql in Japan and has done a great work to talk to others about Npgsql there. Josh Cooley has been working on Npgsql adding nice features, like System.Transactions and entity framework support, and fixing bugs. I enjoyed very much to meet them and doing the presentation. Our presentation was very nice considering this was my first time doing a presentation in english. Josh said my english was good, so I was ok. Thank you Josh!

Another person I enjoyed very much to talk to was Selena. She is very nice. She makes me remember of Brazilian girls because she is very active and has very strong energy. She even talked about my twitter and so this explains why suddenly I started to be followed by some other people!! Selena, it was a great pleasure to meet you.

I'd like to thank Dan Langille for his support which allowed me to be here in Canada to attend this conference.

The unexpected thing which occur in this PGCon2008 was that Fernando Ike who was doing a presentation just before mine asked me to make a real time translation of his speech! So, just before I do my first talk in english I had to make my first real time translation! I must confess that I was very nervous but in the end everything was fine!

Well, that's it! I will add more later.

See you.....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

And now going to Toronto to see Niagara Falls

Hi all!!

Tomorrow I'm leaving Ottawa heading to Toronto to see Niagara Falls. I'll be taking a bus to go there and I hope to be able to get some guided tour to Falls. If not, I will go by myself anyway :)

I will be at Backpackers on Dundas hostel and I plan to stay there until next Tuesday when I will go back to Ottawa for PG Con.

So, if you are in Toronto and would like to talk about Npgsql, Postgresql or Mono, or just want to talk, please, drop me a mail.

P.S.: Kangaroo (Mono irc, sorry if this isn't exactly your nickname) please, drop me a mail so we can have some beers in Toronto!

See you.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Going to Canada...

Hi, all!!

It's a great pleasure to say I'm going to attend PGCon2008 this year!! :)

I'm going to Canada tomorrow (May, 11) and hope to enjoy Ottawa and Canada before conference starts.

If you live in Ottawa and would like to talk about Npgsql, Mono, .Net or anything else, please drop me a mail.

About Npgsql, I posted on npgsql-devel list about an Npgsql2 beta4 release this week. But unfortunately it won't be possible. Josh is fixing some last bugs and will be doing a release next week. Sorry for any problems this announce may have caused.

So, that's it!

Stay tuned!

Friday, May 02, 2008

VirtualBox is amazing!!! Thank you VirtualBox developers!!

Man... I used to cry every time I thought about the beauty VMWare is about virtualization. But now, I have another one to cry for: VirtualBox.


First of all it is OpenSource. Only this is already a motivation by itself.

Second: It flies!!! I know VMware is very fast, but VirtualBox is a piece of magic. I don't know how to describe it. It is very fast, runs very smoothly and consumes very little resources!! I think there is no need for saying that I'm very excited with VirtualBox, is there? :)

Third: Starting with 1.6.0 It has support for Seamless integration for GNU/Linux and Solaris guests!!

Man!! Seamless integration is the next step in the way of virtualization... It is really nice!!

I'm doing some tests here and it works very well!

I'd like to thank you VirtualBox developers. And I also would like to say that Sun did a big step in the right direction buying VirtualBox. I hope many more features come and that 1.6 version is just the first of many excellent releases!

P.S.: Please, don't take me wrong. I'm a big fan of VMWare, I even have a 4.x license I bought to be able to compile Npgsql on MS .Net. But now that I have VirtualBox, I think that license will not be used anymore soon.