Monday, December 12, 2005

Performance: One line change

Hi all,

On this sunday, while playing on improving Npgsql performance and reviewing Ralph Mason's contributed code and Hubert Fongarnand bug report, I did a small modification which increased performance significantly.

Nunit test case which used to run in a little bit more than 5, 6 seconds, turned out to run in about 2.3 seconds!! :)

Also, Prepared statements performance was vastly improved.

The modification? Just changed the following line in NpgsqlClosedState.cs:

context.Stream = stream;
context.Stream = new BufferedStream(stream);

Yeah, just a buffered stream usage :)

I'm doing some more changes as well as integrating the aforementioned patches and improvements. This modification will be the first to hit cvs today.

Update: Well, the truth is that it wasn't a single line change :( I reviewed the code later and checked that performance improvement was also because of less calls to Stream.Flush() methods. These too much calls were destroying the gain obtained from BufferedStream.


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