Sunday, July 29, 2007

Npgsql License change is almost done!

UPDATE2 at 2007-08-10: Chris just sent me his permission. So, now, there are only 2 permissions pending. License change is very near!!

UPDATE: Daniel Morgan and Magnus Hagander sent me their permission. We are now waiting for others to send theirs.

Hi all!!

I have been revising some more files to make Npgsql license change and we are very close now.

There are only 6 files pending waiting for permissions:


Waiting license change permission from gridnine systems.


Waiting Daniel Morgan license chage permission request.


Waiting license change permission from gridnine systems.


Waiting license change permission from Magnus Hagander.


Waiting license change permission from Chris Wenneman


Waiting license change permission from Torben.

To me, the most problematic permission will be from gridnine systems: ( because I already sent a mail before and didn't have any answer. I'm afraid the person who posted the patch doesn't remember his patch or can't be found. If you are from gridnine or know someone from there, please let them know I'm asking their permission to change the license of their patch.

Gridnine patch changed a lot of code at the time it was created, but today it just affects two lines, so I think that even if we don't get their permission, we can live without their patch.

Permission from Daniel and Magnus is a matter of time as I already talked to them just didn't ask them officially for their permission.

I hope to be getting permissions from Chris and Torben really soon.

With all those permissions we are set to go!!

I will keep everybody informed about that as I'm receiving permissions.

Thanks all for your help.


Anonymous said...

Hello Francisco. I represent Gridnine Systems ( the company which provided the patch [#1000447] Improvements to CommandBuilder. Let me know what license do you need and we will provide it. You can contact us moscow ( at)

Best Regards,


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