Monday, August 23, 2010

Npgsql receives donation of an MSDN subscription!!

Hi all!

It all started when Josh Cooley told me about this post:

I sent a mail talking about Npgsql and how a VS.Net would help us to add design time support and today I received a very nice mail saying that Npgsql was choosen to receive an MSDN subscription!

I'd like to thank the people who contributed to make this possible: Codebetter Crew: Ben Hall, Ward Bell, James Kovacs. Devlicious Crew: Hadi Hariri, Christopher Bennage, Tim Barcz, Rob ReynoldsLostechies Crew: Eric Hexter, Jimmy Bogard, Keith Dahlby and Josh Cooley for heads up!

Thank you very much! Your support to OSS projects is awesome!

And stay tuned for better support of Npgsql inside VS.Net :)

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