Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where is design time support?

You may already know that VS.Net design time support has started a long time ago and didn't have too much support since then. 

Now that Npgsql release 2.0.12 is out, I want to put more attention to finish a version which adds design time support. I noticed that this is the biggest missing feature in Npgsql and I want to fix that. Npgsql users deserve to be able to use VS.Net design time support to help them create better apps which access Postgresql databases.

Although I can't give any concrete timeframe of when it will be available, I want you to know that I'm focused on this feature and it is not stalled. I hope to be able to give you more information soon.

Stay tuned.


jmunin said...

We were expectantly waiting for news.
thank you for your excellent work.

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. said...

Thanks for your words, jmunin. They are very rewarding. I hope to get support working soon.

darren sam said...

I would like to try how Npgsql work in some "real situation" and maybe I can switch from ODBC system to Npgsql. For start I see that Npgsql is a bit slower than native windows data system .

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