Friday, June 28, 2013

Npgsql 2.0.13 beta1 released!

Today we released the first beta of Npgsql 2.0.13! 

This new beta release had a lot of bugs fixed and initial support for Entity Framework 6! More information about how to use Entity framework 6 with Npgsql can be found in this post.

Checkout the release notes for more information about the bugs fixed in this release.

Download it from our downloads section.

Important notice about this release

Unfortunately, I made a mistake when updating the assembly version for this release and it was created with a wrong value. I'm very sorry for that.

This release should have been and not

Next beta release will have the version value fixed.

What are the implications? 

The biggest problem is that this beta version will have a version number higher than the final 2.0.13 version while this beta version has As it is a beta and it is not supposed to be deployed in production systems, we think this won't give problems to our users. We are very sorry for any problem this may have caused.

How is Npgsql assembly versioned?

In the beginning, we used to use the same assembly version througout all the beta release cycle until the final release.
With this approach, Npgsql 2.0.10 beta1 would have the assembly version of and beta2 would also have the assembly version of This was creating confusion between users because they couldn't differentiate which version they were working with.

Starting with 2.0.11, we changed this in order to identify each version. We started to use the last two parts of the assembly version in order to identify beta releases. 

This way, a beta release was identified in the following form:

  • Npgsql 2.0.11 beta1 would be identified as:;
  • Npgsql 2.0.11 beta2 would be identified as and so on. 
With this schema, the beta versions will be incremented towards the final version 

Regarding this 2.0.13 beta1 release, its assembly version should have been and not The former value indicates the assembly is approaching the 2.0.13 while the latter indicates the assembly is approaching 2.0.14 which is not the case.

We hope this won't happen again. :(


Malcolm Jerry Leung said...

Can download this by Nuget ?

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. said...
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Francisco Figueiredo Jr. said...

I still need to update Nuget with this release. Sorry for that.

Алексей Концевич said...

Any chance to this or next beta in NuGet soon? It has some very important fixes with transactions. Seems we have problems with them.

GLane said...

when u r going to release 2.0.13 stable release.... because when we try out beta version with visual studio 2012, end-up with errors...we cannot even see npgsql data provider inside providers list....This one is pretty urgent, so Please reply..... Thank you

Dario Griffo said...

Nice work. Will give a try for sure!

Alexandre Cavalcante Alencar said...

Can you point out to some sort of guide to get it ready to use?

I am trying to set it up for use with VS 2012 Express and found out that due Microsoft Licensing restrictions, no provider should be available for EF Design/Diagrams

I have downloaded the Professional/Premium/Ultimate Trial versions of VS 2013 and it not working in Full.

I do can connect to PostgreSQL and access data out there, but I get a lot of Exceptions about dbo schema not existing, absence of __MigrationHistory table and so on.

Since it don´t show as Data Provider for EF Models and Database connections, it will not generate the EF metadata info.

I am going to do a second try with VS2012.

What I did:

1. Downloaded (beta)
2. Expanded it
3. Run gacutil -i Npgsql.dll
4. Run gacutil -l | findstr /i Npgsql to check it it was there
5. Created a new project and tried to add a new EF model, but PostgreSQL was not a option there
6. Registered it as an EF provider at , as an Factory Provider at and a Connection at in the app.config file
7. Using NuGet, installed Npgsql (and -Pre) and EntityFramework

I want to use it for Database First option.

What I am missing to get it working with diagrams, ef models, etc?