Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thank you for so many OSX tips!!

Wow! I was very surprised by the big number of feedback I got when asking tips for my new MacBook! I'd like to say you a big THANK YOU! You are great.

I already installed iStat Pro. I liked it very much.

I also installed Adium, NoeOffice, Transmission, Songbird and I'm still downloading and installing other suggestions.

One drawback I saw was that after installing some applications, my solid rock brand new MacBook started to hang when shutting down! :O

I uninstalled iStat Pro as I think it is the only low level thing which could give me this type of problem. Until now, I already shut down my laptop two times and the problem seems to be solved. I installed the 4.6 version on my OSX 10.5.3.
I will try another version or a previous one later.

I don't now but I didn't like the SongBird. I don't know why yet. I liked very much the Rhythmbox and I'm sad I can't get it on my Mac :(. For while I think I will keep using iTunes. But I'd rather use some other open source audio player.

I followed the suggestion of creating a new folder inside the Applications special place. (This makes me ask: Is there a way to add other folders to the Places together with my home folder and the applications folder itself?)
I also put this folder near the trashcan in the dock so I can access it easily. I just couldn't use the long click where I could see the hierarchical list of applications through menus. Maybe I need more explanation?? :) Anyway,thank you for your excellent explanations of many other aspects related about OSX. I didn't know I would need to be so cautious about software updates.

Another problem I had was that OSX seemed to not recognize my wireless keyboard correctly. It is an ABNT2 Brazilian Portuguese keyboard. When I connected it it showed me some keyboard options but I couldn't get my ç key to work on it. :( Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I will try again later.

Another problem I faced was when using my external LCD television. It has a resolution of 1360x768 and I couldn't use mirror with native screen resolution. I only could use it with extended desktop. I'd like to be able to turn off laptop lcd and just use the external monitor. Is this possible? A friend of mine said I could close the laptop lid but I think this could make my macbook heat up.

Other than that, everything seems to be working very well. I will post here more things I find about OSX.

Again, I'd like to thank everybody who spent some time to read my post and comment it. Thank you very much! I'm a much happier Mac user now. :)

That's it. See you!

P.S.: Thanks for the Pratchett quote indication. :) I hope my sanity is not so in danger because of so many exclamation marks. Just to be sure, I used fewer ones this time :)


Anonymous said...

Re: "I just couldn't use the long click where I could see the hierarchical list of applications through menus." that worked in Tiger and Apple stopped it in Leopard until Leopard got to 10.5.2 when it returned. Just right click on the folder in the Dock and choose Display as Stack !

Also drop any folders in your hierarchy and hold down Apple and Option when dragging them to make it an alias (aka shortcut/softlink) not a move.

Chris said...

t important to use an open source music player on a non open source OS?

Anonymous said...

Francisco said:
Another problem I had was that OSX seemed to not recognize my wireless keyboard correctly. It is an ABNT2 Brazilian Portuguese keyboard. When I connected it it showed me some keyboard options but I couldn't get my ç key to work on it. :( Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I will try again later.

Francisco, I think Apple doesn't care about our ABNT2 keyboard locale. Then the solution is to using some hacks. I've one on my HD that made my PS/2 ABNT2 keyboard work with some minor difficulties on my Hackintosh, but I don't guarantee that it will work with your wireless keyboard.

Feel free to contacting me.


Fernando Pinheiro said...

Francisco, I hava an iMac and had the same problem, but solved adding a new keyboard layout, U. S. International.

Download it here:

Instructions come with the package.

I hope it solve your keyboard problems.

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